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If they don’t need you, it’s okay, you do not live for other people.

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apologize to your body.
that’s where the healing begins.


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 Brendan George Ko


“Emotions are supposed to be raw, ugly, brutal…you don’t want someone to ‘sorta’ love you. You want that love to be a bursting flame, not a candle.”

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In this moment, I just realized that this is my new motto and AHS Coven meant for this line to be encouraging.

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Molly Ringwald was supposed to dance alone but she was too embarrassed so John Hughes made everybody dance.

And thank God he did, or we wouldn’t have one of the most iconic sequences of the 80’s and cinema as a whole.



team 5’5 and under where ya at

they didn’t let us in they thought we were 12

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sorry i’m late, professor. im disenchanted with the human experience and waking up every morning thrusts me into an instant existential crisis

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I just want to lie in bed and not participate in life

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